From Waste to energy: rice husk

Fossil fuels such as oil and coal are becoming scarce, which may run out within the next hundred years. Scientists have been looking for other sources for generating energy. Biomass energy is becoming increasingly important since it will never run out. The use of rice husks as a source of biomass energy has become a hot topic in recent years.

Biomass energy is a technology that utilizes the plant matter to produce energy. The chemical energy that is stored in plants and animals or in the animal waste is called bio-energy. Burning of the biomass will release the energy in the form of heat, which is then used to produce electricity.

Rice husks are by-products of rice, which can be used as a source of energy as part of the efforts to fight against climate change. During the process of using rice husks to generate energy, the emission of CO2 from combustion of rice husks is considered zero. Unlike fossil fuels, rice husks are a source of renewal energy without emission of CO2. Therefore, rice husks are considered to be a better energy source than coal and oil from the point of view of environmental emissions.

In the near future, rice husks might become a major clean energy source and replace fossil fuels.

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